Revenue Performance Management from Vena

Identify and invest in the resources that drive your business growth—
with integrated revenue performance management software.

Turn Data into Revenue with Vena Platform

Vena revenue performance management software provides a deep view of finance, sales, marketing, and customer care—so you can allocate resources most effectively.

By aligning data and resources from across your organisation, Vena enables you to deliver predictable revenues and maximum growth.

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Revenue performance management - Vena solutions
Vena revenue performance management solutions

Agile Software for CFOs:

✔ Lead Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Use real-time data from across sales, marketing, customer care, and finance to deliver more accurate, predictive, and prescriptive revenue forecasts.

Gain top-level and deep-dive views of crucial growth indicators such as cash flow, customer acquisition cost (CAC), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Give agile, data-driven guidance to all departments with Vena software for CFOs. Then use these insights to effectively collaborate with department leaders on turning revenue goals into actionable objectives.

Marketing Budget Software:

✔ Maximise Your Marketing Profitability

Gain real-time insights into the conversion rates and profitability of every marketing campaign, channel, tactic, and message, with Vena’s integration of data from marketing automation, web analytics, CRM, and other systems.

Assess the value of every marketing investment with a full view of customer acquisition, lead generation, and revenue influence.

Adjust your marketing efforts to changing budgets and markets with Vena’s insights for strategic planning and resource allocation.

Vena revenue performance management software for marketing
Vena revenue performance management for sales

Sales Revenue Management:

✔ Get Real Insights for Smart Allocation

Vena uses your combined CRM, marketing funnel, and financial data to provide real-time insights into your current pipeline and future opportunities.

Use trusted cross-departmental data, both financial and non-financial, to say goodbye to biased projections and unwelcome surprises.

Gain a fast understanding of how factors such as territory, pricing, and product line impact your top and bottom line with Vena.

Customer Management Software:

✔ Focus on the Right Customers for Growth

Vena’s combined customer metrics help you boost customer satisfaction, concentrate on the best customers, and increase each customer’s lifetime value.

This single solution draws on customer data including NPS scores, product usage metrics, customer acquisition, and support costs.

Vena helps you spot customers at risk of churn, seize up-sell opportunities, and identify customers who would be more profitable to let go.

Vena revenue performance software customer management

Total Financial Solutions with Vena Platform

This is Excel—but not as you know it. Accelerate and secure your financial processes across the board with Vena platform.

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