Agile Planning Solutions

Create accurate budgets, plans, and forecasts faster than ever before—
with Excel-based budgeting and forecasting software from Vena.

Accurate and Fast⁠—Vena Agile Planning

Vena’s Agile Planning solution combines the strengths of Excel with a modern approach to working.

Benefit from process automation, scenario planning, Microsoft 365 integrations, and more.

Receive tailored licensing, implementation, and configuration services from UK Vena partner Influential Software.

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Vena budgeting and forecasting software - centralised and integrated database

Agile planning use cases

✔ Create a single source of truth and drive business

Agility: whether you’re planning for growth, change, or stability, Vena can be customised to your needs.

Confidence: gain control over the numbers with automatic data entry. With Vena, automated driver based models save time and allow for accurate scenario planning.

Teams: collaborate and communicate efficiency with real-time editing in a familiar Excel interface.

Other Vena solutions

✔ Flexible, functional, and financially sound

Scenario planning: Prepare for “What-If” scenarios with Vena Agile Planning solutions. With advanced scenario modelling, you can visualise how small changes can impact your revenue and expenses.

Cashflow management: Looking to grow or navigating periods of uncertainty, Vena makes it easy to see the impact of financial decisions in real time.

Agile forecasting: Say goodbye to static forecasting with real-time forecasting capabilities with Vena. Get current insight in the market and economic conditions will affect your business goals.

Vena budgeting and forecasting software - automated budget processes

Total Financial Solutions with Vena Platform

Take the agile approach to company growth with Vena Agile Planning. With our help, your team can understand the full timeline of your business finances to fuel positive growth.

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