The (nearly) two year long health crisis have set the scene for a prolonged period of economic uncertainty. To remain sustainable, business owners and decision makers are looking at new strategies.

How can finance professionals minimise the impact of covid for the years to come? Are they able to implement sustained growth?

The answer is complex and varies from business to business. But one key factor remains the same, every business needs a continuity plan in 2022.

What is business continuity?

Business continuity plans outline the potential impact of disaster situations to business operations. It creates policies that respond to various situations to guarantee that a business can recover after a crisis. The main goal is to protect people, property and assets.

For finance leaders, aspects of continuity planning can include realigning capital investments, taking on some dept. Alternatively, ensuring there’s enough cash on hand to cover unforeseen disasters or.

Taking the Agile approach to finance

You can’t plan for the future without clear and up to date insights into long term business implications.

Which is why we reccomend using Vena, with real-time reports and forecasting capabilities. Give your finance team the freedom to change plans quickly for easy analysis of how new budgets would affect the company’s outlook for the next two to three years or more.

Confidently collaborate on reports and charter the perfect path to sustainable business growth. In uncertain times, sleep soundly knowing your decisions are based on trustworthy data.

Fostering transparency with Vena Solutions

Empower transparency, accountability, and collaboration while keeping efficiency in the forefront. Finance leaders can:

  • Create a single source of truth for financial and non-financial company’s.
  • All internal stakeholders can view the planning process and actively participate in its development.

This may be easier said than done, but an effective integrated planning process requires and agile analysis of critical metrics and the ability to consolidate data from multiple sources for fluent, more accurate reporting.

Choose Vena as your next financial planning solution. With a clear plan, the right tools, and resources, you won’t have to worry about periods of uncertainty. Confidently approach every bump in the road and develop a future proof game plan.

Future-Proof and thrive

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